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Fully-qualified coach, with a passion for helping professionals to accelerate their learning and achieve their ambitions through the coaching process. I’ve been coaching clients from all walks of life, supporting clients into new jobs, new managerial roles, career direction and entrepreneurs setting up and developing their businesses. I am originally from the South of France, lived in the South of Spain and currently living in Oxfordshire, UK and coach in English, French as well as Spanish! 

I know coaching works because it worked for me and has enabled me to get to where I am now - a coach !

Part of my journey was also pushing my limits and developing my resourcefulness through my fitness journey especially running. This is where my fitness/running theme in my coaching programmes comes from. Through running different races, distances, competing in triathlons, I had to chunk down my goals into small actions at a time and to develop my resourcefulness through the mental gymnastics you go through when running a tough 10km or a sprint triathlon.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost or just need a boost, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation through exploring the wonderful concept of resourcefulness and how developing that skill can enable you to achieve your goals. 

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"I have not only learnt more about myself and what I can achieve - but I have accomplished goals which I once thought were out of reach. The coaching sessions really made me understand what strengths I have to achieve my goals. 

Lucie was a fantastic coach who not only helped me be more specific with setting my goals but would also push me to explore all the options which could help me achieve my goals."