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Own your career and be a career activist

Lucie Coudret


own it

It's your career and only you get to decide what it becomes and where it goes.

You can decide to take action - start here and get support in helping you understand yourself, your strengths, your values, how to navigate your career intelligently and strategically as well as well getting the support you need to reach the next level of your career or perhaps transition into something new.


the support I wish I'd had...

I had no idea what my career would look like and I had no career goals. At that time, I wish I had had the support of someone to help bring clarity and empower me to take ownership of my career - I would have gotten to where I am now much quicker. 


So, to help myself, I became a career activist and now my aim as your career coach is to help you understand yourself better and to set ambitious career goals and help you work out how to achieve them.

My expertise is in:
- Building self-awareness
- Setting clear, achievable and ambitious career goals
- Being career intelligent / strategic and intentional
- Personal branding
- Building meaningful networks
- Employability - preparing for applications / interviews


I have worked with a wide range of clients to help them with their leadership and management strategies. I have also designed programmes in employability, candidate prep and sessions to help individuals identify their strengths and value-add in order to be their best selves and achieve their potential.

I can coach you in your native language if you speak English, French or Spanish.

Get in touch!
Get in touch if you have questions about my services, partnership proposals, bespoke work requests etc.

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